Win-Vector LLC brings the results and benefits of operations research, statistics and machine learning to clients. It is our practice to collaborate with clients, call out relevant technologies and train on and implement practical solutions.

Historically these mathematical techniques have been only available to companies with large research and information technology staffs (IT), but due to advances in technology and available training materials businesses of all sizes can now benefit from these techniques and procedures. Win-Vector doesn't usually supply IT (information technology infrastructure) but instead helps bring in the benefits that can be derived from the information IT can organize. We help find valuable applications of your data (or of data that can be yours).

Win-Vector LLC is proud to offer consulting, training, and a proud sponsor of the book Practical Data Science with R and the video course Introduction to Data Science.

Win-Vector LLC is a limited liability corporation organized in the state of California and headquartered in San Francisco. Win-Vector LLC is active in the community through organizations such as the San Francisco Rotary .