Some expository and technical papers representing some of our research areas.

Optimize for customers or for sales?
A tutorial on an important algorithmic problem solving principle.
A guide translating statistics-talk into English.
Slides giving our tips on using the R statistical package.
A paper showing when large traders can dominate financial markets.
An appreciation of the science of graphical perception.
A demonstration of basic data mining techniques.
An expository paper using the World Series to demonstrate some ideas from mathematical finance.
A paper showing some of the limits of measurement in the Google AdSense market.
A paper giving a glimpse into statistical arbitrage of stocks.
A 2000 paper showing how to automatically certify a program as deadlock-free.
A 2000 paper showing how to summarize very larger databases using very little memory.
A 1998 paper on the molecular diversity problem (to speed up drug discovery). Introduced some novel and important ideas for measuring set-divesity.