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Thank You For The Very Nice Comment

Somebody nice reached out and gave us this wonderful feedback on our new Supervised Learning in R: Regression (paid) video course.

Thanks for a wonderful course on DataCamp on XGBoost and Random forest. I was struggling with Xgboost earlier and Vtreat has made my life easy now :).

Supervised Learning in R: Regression covers a lot as it treats predicting probabilities as a type of regression. Nina and I are very proud of this course and think it is very much worth your time (for the beginning through advanced R user).

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vtreat is a statistically sound data cleaning and preparation tool introduced towards the end of the course. R users who try vtreat find it makes training and applying models much easier.

vtreat is distributed as a free open-source package available on CRAN. If you are doing predictive modeling in R I honestly think you will find vtreat invaluable.


And to the person who took the time to write the nice note. A sincere thank you from both Nina Zumel and myself. That kind of interaction really makes developing courses and packages feel worthwhile.