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Remember: p-values Are Not Effect Sizes

Authors: John Mount and Nina Zumel.

The p-value is a valid frequentist statistical concept that is much abused and mis-used in practice. In this article I would like to call out a few features of p-values that can cause problems in evaluating summaries.

Keep in mind: p-values are useful and routinely taught correctly in statistics, but very often mis-remembered or abused in practice.

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From Hamilton’s Lectures on metaphysics and logic (1871).
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It is Needlessly Difficult to Count Rows Using dplyr

  • Question: how hard is it to count rows using the R package dplyr?
  • Answer: surprisingly difficult.

When trying to count rows using dplyr or dplyr controlled data-structures (remote tbls such as Sparklyr or dbplyr structures) one is sailing between Scylla and Charybdis. The task being to avoid dplyr corner-cases and irregularities (a few of which I attempt to document in this "dplyr inferno").

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Permutation Theory In Action

While working on a large client project using Sparklyr and multinomial regression we recently ran into a problem: Apache Spark chooses the order of multinomial regression outcome targets, whereas R users are used to choosing the order of the targets (please see here for some details). So to make things more like R users expect, we need a way to translate one order to another.

Providing good solutions to gaps like this is one of the thing Win-Vector LLC does both in our consulting and training practices.

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