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Big Data Transforms

As part of our consulting practice Win-Vector LLC has been helping a few clients stand-up advanced analytics and machine learning stacks using R and substantial data stores (such as relational database variants such as PostgreSQL or big data systems such as Spark).

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Often we come to a point where we or a partner realize: "the design would be a whole lot easier if we could phrase it in terms of higher order data operators."

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Some Announcements

Some Announcements:

  • Dr. Nina Zumel will be presenting “Myths of Data Science: Things you Should and Should Not Believe”,
    Sunday, October 29, 2017
    10:00 AM to 12:30 PM at the She Talks Data Meetup (Bay Area).
  • ODSC West 2017 is soon. It is our favorite conference and we will be giving both a workshop and a talk.
    • Thursday Nov 2 2017,
      2:00 PM,
      Room T2,
      “Modeling big data with R, Sparklyr, and Apache Spark”,
      Workshop/Training intermediate, 4 hours,
      by Dr. John Mount (link).

    • Friday Nov 3 2017,
      4:15 PM,
      Room TR2
      “Myths of Data Science: Things you Should and Should Not Believe”,
      Data Science lecture beginner/intermediate, 45 minutes,
      by Dr. Nina Zumel (link, length, abstract, and title to be corrected).

    • We really hope you can make these talks.

  • On the “R for big data” front we have some big news: the replyr package now implements pivot/un-pivot (or what tidyr calls spread/gather) for big data (databases and Sparklyr). This data shaping ability adds a lot of user power. We call the theory “coordinatized data” and the work practice “fluid data”.