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WVPlots now at version 1.0.0 on CRAN!

Nina Zumel and I have been working on packaging our favorite graphing techniques in a more reusable way that emphasizes the analysis task at hand over the steps needed to produce a good visualization. We are excited to announce the WVPlots is now at version 1.0.0 on CRAN!

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wrapr 1.4.1 now up on CRAN

wrapr 1.4.1 is now available on CRAN. wrapr is a really neat R package both organizing, meta-programming, and debugging R code. This update generalizes the dot-pipe feature’s dot S3 features.

Please give it a try!

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Ready Made Plots make Work Easier

A while back Simon Jackson and Kara Woo shared some great ideas and graphs on grouped bar charts and density plots (link). Win-Vector LLC‘s Nina Zumel just added a graph of this type to the development version of WVPlots.


Nina has, as usual, some great documentation here.

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rquery: SQL from R

My BARUG rquery talk went very well, thank you very much to the attendees for being an attentive and generous audience.

IMG 5152

(John teaching rquery at BARUG, photo credit: Timothy Liu)

I am now looking for invitations to give a streamlined version of this talk privately to groups using R who want to work with SQL (with databases such as PostgreSQL or big data systems such as Apache Spark). rquery has a number of features that greatly improve team productivity in this environment (strong separation of concerns, strong error checking, high usability, specific debugging features, and high performance queries).

If your group is in the San Francisco Bay Area and using R to work with a SQL accessible data source, please reach out to me at, I would be honored to show your team how to speed up their project and lower development costs with rquery. If you are a big data vendor and some of your clients use R, I am especially interested in getting in touch: our system can help R users start working with your installation.