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Dot-Pipe Paper Accepted by the R Journal!!!

We are thrilled to announce our (my and Nina Zumel’s) paper on the dot-pipe has been accepted by the R-Journal!


A huge “thank you” to the reviewers and editors for helping us with this! You can find our article here (pdf here)!

We have some examples that didn’t make it to the formal paper here.

2 thoughts on “Dot-Pipe Paper Accepted by the R Journal!!!”

  1. Somebody very politely pointed out (and then possibly, deleted it- I can’t find it now) that the line about function composition wrote “b(a)” when it should be “a(b)”. The correct line is:

    • Mathematical function composition or application: One can write “a ◦ b” to denote “a(b)”

    That is my error and, I am trying to get that corrected. I apologize for the mistake. Also thank you very much for the polite correction!

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