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Not Always C++’s Fault

From the recent “Staged Install” article:

Incidentally, there were just two distinct (very long) lists of methods in the warnings across all installed packages in my run, but repeated for many packages. It turned out that they were lists of exported methods from dplyr and rlang packages. These two packages take very long to install due to C++ code compilation.

Technical point.

While dplyr indeed uses C++ (via Rcpp), rlang appears to currently be a C-package. So any problems associated with rlang are probably not due to C++ or Rcpp. Similarly other tidyverse packages such as purrr and tibble are currently C packages. I think purrr once used C++, but do not know about the others.

One thought on “Not Always C++’s Fault”

  1. It is possible the “Staged Install” 2019/02/14 article is part of what the commenter had in mind below.


    The above comment is from 2019/03/18, about 10 days before the 2019/03/28 “Use of C++ in Packages” article.

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