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Practical Data Science with R, half off sale!

Our publisher, Manning, is running a Memorial Day sale this weekend (May 24-27, 2019), with a new offer every day.

  • Fri: Half off all eBooks
  • Sat: Half off all MEAPs
  • Sun: Half off all pBooks and liveVideos
  • Mon: Half off everything

The discount code is: wm052419au.

Many great opportunities to get Practical Data Science with R 2nd Edition at a discount!!!

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Free Video Lecture: Vectors for Programmers and Data Scientists

We have just released two new free video lectures on vectors from a programmer’s point of view. I am experimenting with what ideas do programmers find interesting about vectors, what concepts do they consider safe starting points, and how to condense and present the material.

Please check the lectures out.


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Timing Working With a Row or a Column from a data.frame

In this note we share a quick study timing how long it takes to perform some simple data manipulation tasks with R data.frames.

We are interested in the time needed to select a column, alter a column, or select a row. Knowing what is fast and what is slow is critical in planning code, so here we examine some common simple cases. It is often impractical to port large applications between different work-paradigms, so we use porting small tasks as approximate stand-ins for measuring porting whole systems.

We tend to work with medium size data (hundreds of columns and millions of rows in memory), so that is the scale we simulate and study.

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