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wrapr Update: Removing Some Under-Used Functions and Classes

For the next version of the R package wrapr we are going to be removing a number of under-used functions/methods and classes. This update will likely happen in March 2020, and is the start of the wrapr 2.* series.

Most of the items being removed are different abstractions for helping with function composition. We ended up moving most of our work to category-theory based composition, so don’t think these various frameworks are needed any longer. If you have been using these items in your own projects, please reach out and we try and find a way to help you out.

Functions/methods being removed:

  • ApplyTo
  • Collector
  • as.UnaryFn
  • as_dot_fn
  • as_fn
  • as_fnlist
  • concat_items_rev
  • eval_dot_sequence
  • fnlist
  • locum
  • pkgfn
  • sequence_as_function
  • srcfn
  • wrapfn

Classes being removed:

  • PartialFunction
  • PartialNamedFn
  • SrcFunction
  • UnaryFn
  • UnaryFnList

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