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Survive R

New PDF slides version (presented at the Bay Area R Users Meetup October 13, 2009).

We at Win-Vector LLC appear to like R a bit more than some of our, perhaps wiser, colleagues ( see: Choose your weapon: Matlab, R or something else? and R and data ). While we do like R (see: Exciting Technique #1: The “R” language ) we also understand the need to defend oneself against the abuse regularly dished out by R. Here we will quickly share a few fighting techniques.
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A Discrete Model Gauging Market Efficiency

New paper: A Discrete Model Gauging Market Efficiency PDF

We highly recommend reading the PDF version, but please find below a HTML translation of the paper.

We follow up on some interesting work from the literature and explore some conditions that allow large predatory traders to dominate markets.

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A Demonstration of Data Mining

REPOST (now in HTML in addition to the original PDF).

This paper demonstrates and explains some of the basic techniques used in data mining. It also serves as an example of some of the kinds of analyses and projects Win Vector LLC engages in. Continue reading A Demonstration of Data Mining

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On The Hysteria Over “The Cloud”

On The Hysteria Over “The Cloud”


The frenzy of anticipation and opinion about “The Cloud” is so intense and so pointless it becomes “parody proof.”
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Should your mom use Google search?

Today’s question is: “should your mom use Google search?” It it is a good thing that Google has directly told us that their motto is “don’t be evil,” as their systems are subtle and difficult to evaluate.

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Microsoft Store Again

Microsoft is once again going to try its hand at retail stores (for example see the following CNET article). From my experience I think this is going to be horrible. But it does not have to be- Microsoft (if it had the will) could produce a great store that is profitable and improves the world. Here is my quick history and wish list.

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Thievery considered harmful

A bit of a tempest in finance news involving accusations of sensitive code stolen from a major trading desk. For emerging details see:

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Public Service Article: Back Up

This is a public service article encouraging all of us to back up our data (which more and more is our lives). I sketch some methods and resources for doing this.

As more of our life becomes digital (work, finances, passwords, pictures, contacts,dairies,videos and email) we must be more diligent in backing up our data. If your hard drive fails at work you might lose some spreadsheets (and you might not lose anything if your IT department is on their toes) if you computer fails at home you lose your wedding album. Your hard disk will fail and try to take all of your data (life) with it- it is a matter of when not a matter of if. You want this to be an inconvenience, not a disaster. Become expert at backing up and take the time to help others.
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Programs reduced to statistics

An interesting article on programming languages by Guillaume Marceau is making the rounds:
The speed, size and dependability of programming languages. The article points out very clearly what some of the differences in major programming languages are. The author uses benchmarking and graphs in an interesting way.
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