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Win-Vector starts submitting content to

We have been consistently impressed by and enjoyed the wealth of R wisdom available on the R-bloggers aggregation site.

Therefore Win-Vector LLC is granting the right to reformat and redistribute (with attribution and link) our blog‘s R content in the R-bloggers site and feeds.

We hope to see our R content shared through this network.

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Winter 2010 Subscription Campaign

We at Win-Vector LLC would like to invite our loyal readers to help with our Winter 2010 Subscription Campaign. Please encourage your erudite friends and colleagues to read and subscribe to Continue reading Winter 2010 Subscription Campaign

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Google AdSense Channels IDs and the Cramer Rao Inequality

“Comparing Apples and Oranges: Two Examples of the Limits of Statistical Inference, With an Application to Google Advertising Markets” is our analysis of Google AdSense Channel IDs and our use of the Cramer Rao bound to show that these IDs fundamentally limit what participants in the Google online advertising market can measure (and therefore in turn limit what these players can do).
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Public Service Article: Back Up

This is a public service article encouraging all of us to back up our data (which more and more is our lives). I sketch some methods and resources for doing this.

As more of our life becomes digital (work, finances, passwords, pictures, contacts,dairies,videos and email) we must be more diligent in backing up our data. If your hard drive fails at work you might lose some spreadsheets (and you might not lose anything if your IT department is on their toes) if you computer fails at home you lose your wedding album. Your hard disk will fail and try to take all of your data (life) with it- it is a matter of when not a matter of if. You want this to be an inconvenience, not a disaster. Become expert at backing up and take the time to help others.
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New “exciting techniques” series of articles.

I am starting a new “exciting techniques” series of articles on the Win-Vector blog. The primary purpose of the Win-Vector blog remains identifying and describing needs, but I am starting a new sub-series of articles about techniques. Continue reading New “exciting techniques” series of articles.

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The Purpose of this Blog

The purpose of this blog (which is not quite “blog like” in its promise of a once a month longish technical article) is to educate, share the Win-Vector principles and learn more about writing (through practice).

I am a big fan of “understanding through writing” (you learn through trying to explain). The difficulty in technical writing is always balancing the incompatible competing needs for conciseness, clarity, correctness and utility. There is a next-level of writing and understanding (that I am not at, but I am becoming more able to recognize) where these things synergize instead of compete. This post will close with such an example from Edsger Dijkstra (in its entirety):

Elegance is not a dispensable luxury but a factor that decides between success and failure.

This covers so much of what I am trying to say.

(And thank you to Peteris Krumins for blogging on this)