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Off topic: Horror Translations by Nina Zumel

In an off-topic post we would like to share a series of horror narrations based on Win Vector LLC’s very own Nina Zumel’s translations of Uruguayan author Horacio Quiroga. This is a free series produced by Rue Morgue

The first is: “The Feather Pillow.” DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS IN BED!

(YouTube link, Rue Morge link, Ephemera link)

More of Nina’s literary work can be found at: Ephemera Experiments in Writing, and Multo (Ghost).

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Visualizing relational joins

I want to discuss a nice series of figures used to teach relational join semantics in R for Data Science by Garrett Grolemund and Hadley Wickham, O’Reilly 2016. Below is an example from their book illustrating an inner join:


Please read on for my discussion of this diagram and teaching joins. Continue reading Visualizing relational joins

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Diversion: Win-Vector LLC’s Nina Zumel takes time off to publish a literary book review

Win-Vector LLC’s Nina Zumel takes some time off to publish a literary book review: Reading Red Spectres: Russian Gothic Tales.

Hundertwasser domes

Nina Zumel also examines aspects of the supernatural in literature and in folk culture at her blog, She writes about folklore, ghost stories, weird fiction, or anything else that strikes her fancy. Follow her on Twitter @multoghost.

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A non-technical post and ask

This article is not on the usual technical topics of this blog, so you have my apology up front for that. And instead of trying to help you, we are asking for your help.

Nina Zumel has written a lot of important and helpful articles for this blog. I would call out in particular: her invention of and leadership in our Statistics to English category, clear writing on statistical significance, visualization and working as a data scientist. She has also written a bit more on the whole person: I Write, Therefore I Think and On Balance.

In this spirit I would like to call your attention to a KickStarter that is important to her and all of us at Win-Vector LLC to: the Non Stop Bhangra Documentary.

I am asking you to please consider promoting this KickStarter to anyone you know that cares about music, entertainment/culture in the San Francisco bay area, Indian culture or the possibility of having some identity outside of professional work. Nina’s story is only one among many of an incredible collective of people who all give a lot of their time to share what has been called “infections joy” with many (including local elementary and high schools). We would really like to see filmmaker Odell Hussey get the money to complete the documentary project he has been donating many hours to for years. This is exactly the kind of project KickStarter was designed for: finishing a larger work.

I ask that you consider supporting the Non Stop Bhangra Documentary. Please join us in supporting this amazing project.

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