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Quasiquotation in R via bquote()

In August of 2003 Thomas Lumley added bquote() to R 1.8.1. This gave R and R users an explicit Lisp-style quasiquotation capability. bquote() and quasiquotation are actually quite powerful. Professor Thomas Lumley should get, and should continue to receive, a lot of credit and thanks for introducing the concept into R.

In fact bquote() is already powerful enough to build a version of dplyr 0.5.0 with quasiquotation semantics quite close (from a user perspective) to what is now claimed in tidyeval/rlang.

Let’s take a look at that.

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Parameterizing with bquote

One thing that is sure to get lost in my long note on macros in R is just how concise and powerful macros are. The problem is macros are concise, but they do a lot for you. So you get bogged down when you explain the joke.

Let’s try to be concise.

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Another R [Non-]Standard Evaluation Idea

Jonathan Carroll had a an interesting R language idea: to use @-notation to request value substitution in a non-standard evaluation environment (inspired by msyql User-Defined Variables).

He even picked the right image:

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