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Another note on differential privacy

I want to recommend an excellent article on the recent claimed use of differential privacy to actually preserve user privacy: “A Few Thoughts on Cryptographic Engineering” by Matthew Green.

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Do Not Let Your Medical Records Be Used Against You

Author: John Mount

March 1, 2008

“A second goal of 23andMe [is] to collect a large database of genetic information and then come back to you over time with invitations to provide specific health data and participate in research.”

23andMe Board member Esther Dyson

Unregulated companies managing personal medical records is going to be very bad for very many people. You will not be invited to share in research profits, you may be un-invited from your insurance and your job.

We are being asked to believe that shared access to our personal health records is an unambiguous direct benefit to us. Perhaps, if properly regulated this is true. However, huge companies want to implement online medical record platforms without any public policy discussion. And even what little debate is attempted is stilted and irrelevant because the value of medical records is accepted without examination and criticism is limited to identifying a few pet risks.

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