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Some R Guides: tidyverse and data.table Versions

Saghir Bashir of ilustat recently shared a nice getting started with R and tidyverse guide.


In addition they were generous enough to link to Dirk Eddelbuette’s later adaption of the guide to use data.table.


This type of cooperation and user choice is what keeps the R community vital. Please encourage it. (Heck, please insist on it!)

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What is magrittr’s future in the tidyverse?

For many R users the magrittr pipe is a popular way to arrange computation and famously part of the tidyverse.


The tidyverse itself is a rapidly evolving centrally controlled package collection. The tidyverse authors publicly appear to be interested in re-basing the tidyverse in terms of their new rlang/tidyeval package. So it is natural to wonder: what is the future of magrittr (a pre-rlang/tidyeval package) in the tidyverse? Continue reading What is magrittr’s future in the tidyverse?