About Win-Vector LLC

Win-Vector LLC is a San Francisco based company specializing in data science consulting and training. We work in a variety of industries, with organizations both large and small. Our Win-Vector blog is followed by data scientists worldwide.

Win-Vector LLC products include:

  • Professional on-site data science training.
  • Professional on-site R, Python, statistics, and data science training.
  • Advisory services.
  • Hourly consulting and contracting in software development, data science, and operations research.
  • Data science staff development and coaching.
  • Fixed fee research and development projects.
  • Commissioned writing projects.
  • Private license of Win-Vector LLC libraries and algorithms (and maintenance/support contracts).

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Past projects include:

  • Anomaly detection and alerts for home health monitoring systems.
  • Characterization of customers and “next product to offer” recommendation system.
  • Customer account cancellation early prediction model.
  • Demand forecasting and price determination for hotel inventory.
  • Design and specification of machine learning platforms.
  • Design of course curriculum in data science and data engineering.
  • Development of stock trading and portfolio management strategies for a major investment bank.
  • Models to impute costs and revenue in the presence of limited reporting.
  • Prediction of optimal sale price and time to sale for an online marketplace.
  • Predictive models to price and sort sales leads.
  • Predictive models to price and value data sources.

Our strengths are in algorithms, implementation, optimization, machine learning, data science, and teaching.

In addition to our client work, we share our thoughts on data science and related topics with the data science community at the Win-Vector blog.

Please contact us to discuss our services and your data science needs.

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