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In addition to the Win-Vector Blog (also available by RSS feed) and Win-Vector Twitter stream @WinVectorLLC you can keep up with Win-Vector news through our newsletter. Our (deliberately infrequent) newsletter contains updates, news, and discounts on:

  • Win-Vector speaking engagements. Learn when and where John Mount or Nina Zumel are next speaking (usually conferences and Meetups).
  • Win-Vector training events. Hear about both upcoming free and paid R and data science training events.
  • Win-Vector training materials. Hear about both free and paid Win-Vector training videos and writing.
  • Win-Vector software. Get updates on open source software (such as vtreat) and any upcoming data science products.
  • Special offers and discounts.

Other ways to follow Win-Vector LLC news include:

Mailing list policy

We are currently using MailChimp to collect and manage the list. This should allow people to both add and remove their email addresses from the list. We are not entering addresses that email us to the list. We will use the list from time to time to send messages about Win-Vector LLC products, appearances, and other topics. We are not re-selling, or sharing this list outside of Win-Vector LLC (aside from occasional publication of general summaries such as size, and geography).

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