Gallery of Shiny Apps

The Shiny framework for interactive R-based web applications is a handy tool for prototyping algorithms and models, for sharing analysis results, and for developing analytic dashboards.

Win-Vector, LLC offers both Shiny training and custom Shiny app development.

Here is a gallery of some Shiny apps that we’ve developed in support of various algorithms (and blog posts). The apps are hosted at

A/B Test Dashboard
A/B Test Planner
A dashboard for planning a new A/B test campaign, or evaluating a running one. This is the updated dashboard for our free video course on A/B Testing. [Blog post]
Estimate K in K-means
Estimating Cluster Count
Use this app to explore the use of parametric bootstrap for estimating the K in K-means clustering.
[Blog post]
Geometry of Classifiers
The Geometry of Classifiers
One of our earlier apps, to interactively explore how the relative behavior of classifiers changes for different types of data sets.
[Blog post]